End User Artificial Intelligence is the concept that anyone can program AI-Technology solutions that meet their needs. This is a daunting challenge, and one that begins with an ability to plug and play Software Agent’s together in order to get access to observables, apply the SW Agent’s internal representation to those observables, and to produce meaning from those observables that other Agents (including People) can use to complete some task. In ACE, our AI Ecosystem, we have Agents capable of loading and exploring data, processing data using AI-technologies. In fact, there is no limit to type of Agent one can use, so long as it’s useful for the task at hand and it takes inputs and produces outputs.


To solve problems using ACE, the user currently drags Agents onto a canvas and connects them to data, other agents, and sends the outputs to files, displays, etc. Currently, ACE figures out which Agents have compatible inputs and outputs, and use that information to allow or disallow connections.


In future releases, ACE will provide user interaction capabilities to help the user figure out which Agents might be useful for their task. In the future, Agents will learn how to communicate with each other and to connect to other Agents automatically in order to accomplish the task communicated to ACE by the user.

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